About Hashtag History

History has ruined many dates for me. Me and the girl, we’ll be sitting and talking, and she’ll make some off-hand observation about something old fashioned, and before I know it, I’ve just explained the impact of the East India Company on modern capitalism, or the growth of the Hudson Bay Company and the establishment of North America. The girl would then seem turned off, and that was it. Forever. I’d never see her again.

It was probably good, since I eat, sleep, and breathe history, so if you can’t do history, you likely shouldn’t be around me. That said, I began to question the weird paradox of modern life. You see, it seems to me that we’re all curious about history. Think about it. Every major religion, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, they all have a creation story. They all also have historic texts within their canons, the early works of Plato, and later Cornelius Tacitus document history, and indeed once written language was invented, so too was the art of writing history. Why? We all want to know where we come from. We all want to know where we’ve been as a species.

And yet, the majority of people hate History. That’s History with a capital H. That’s History as in the course you took in either Secondary or Post-Secondary school. I find that it’s what kills most people’s love of history. It’s not that the curiosity is gone, it’s not that people out grow the need to know what came before. It’s just that the interesting parts of history are sucked out. History as it’s taught these days is as a science, a math, a precise series of cause and effect.

Here’s the problem with that. The highest level of education you can get in the field of history is a PhD. PhD basically stands for ‘Doctor of Philosophy’. Philosophy is a nice, fluid thing. It’s not a math, it’s not a science, it’s not entirely empirical, it’s a discussion.

Proper history is about the people, the events, the feelings, the brilliance, and the stupidity. It’s about a constantly unwinding story that involves all of us. History is our story. Not Britain’s, nor Europe’s, nor Asia’s, nor America’s. It’s all our story. It’s not just for the History Majors or teachers, it’s not just for the big fancy books. It’s for everyone. And that’s what Hashtag History is. History for everyone.

About the Video Game Section

Occasionally I play video games. I used to play more, but I still play more video games than the average person. I have a lot of friends  in and around the industry, and so I have a lot of conversations about the industry, as well as about the games themselves. So I play them and write about them for fun.

About the Projects Section

Like most creative types I spend a lot of my time and energy trying to create things that make life worth living. Want to know which projects I’m presently working on? As well as what I’m presently thinking? Then look under the projects section of this site.



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