There are a lot of blogs and websites, and other things that influence and/or inspire me. Here are a few:

My Favourite Kirby – A collection of drawing and witisms of some of my friends, and the site the finally inspired me to start blogging.

Blister Gaming – A site made by another man I am lucky to call my close friend that inspired me to write about technology and gaming. – One of the two sites that inspired much of my style.

The Register – The other site that inspired much of my style, and my content.

Hyperbole and a Half – The Site that started me thinking about blogs.

Rooster Teeth Productions – An awesome machinima and gaming community.

Prevail N Prosper – Written and edited in part by another man who I am very honoured to call my close friend, this is a website dedicated to the art, culture, history, and music of Chicago.

Daniya Kamran – The blog of a close friend of mine which very precisely, technically, and accurately looks at the state of modern higher education.

Ruff Romance – It may be girly, it may be meme-y, but it is well written, and well written by a colleague of mine.

Stupid and Contagious – Were you into music in the 90’s? Here’s where you can go to get your fix on the 90’s. Also written by a colleague of mine.

Kiss the Bottle – History has a lot to do with alcohol. Its trade, its consumption, its bans, its bootlegging, etc, etc. Most countries and cultures have their own distinct brews, and here is a man who enjoys all the cheap versions of those, just for you. One of the better blogs I’ve ever read.

Opinions for Dummies – A hilarious satire site based on those terrible online reviews you’ve grown to hate. Again, written by a colleague of mine.


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